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tv   News 3 Live at Three  NBC  December 31, 2015 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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a fire was seen in dubai today as the city carrying on with its celebrations despite the fact that one other high-rise was on fire it has made international news, the fire broke out at the end the dress of a big hotel in downtown dubai. these images populating social media. you can see from blocks away, the flames lapping up the side there. early reports indicate more than a dozen people are injured. the dubai government media office tweeted the fire broke h floor from the outside of this building. the fire did not spread inside the hotel do to internal fire extinguishers malfunction -- working. the hotel includes apartments and described itself as a premier five-sit does stand next to that iconic burj khalifa building, the world's tallest skyscraper. >> a celebrations continued in dubai and at the same time, many cities ringing in the new year.
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>> our thoughts are on paris after the attacks this year. can you imagine what it's like to celebrate the new year with the attacks not lo ago? they are doing it by saying we are alive and vibrant and vital. this is a shot from the eiffel tower cam. right now in paris, security concerns are matched around the world and there are some concerns in las vesecurity very tight on the las vegas strip and downtown this year. >> making sure america's party goes off without a hitcreporter: this is a largest party of the year in las vegas. here on fremont street we have seen a large number of uniformed officers. there are plenty iplainclothes as well.
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metro has already rolled out additional cameras to keep w crowd, and barriers. an officer with metro police is reminding our viewers there is no credible threat to our community, but it's up to all of us. >> this is a multi event. we have a lot of folks flying over the strip and doing surveillance and that kindthing. if you've been in las vegas from any years, you know this does occur. there is no reason to be alarmed or anything like that. we perform training operations all the time for sniffing -- specific events, and new year's is somethingfor many years. >> some of the rumors tonight about no glass bottles, no large backpacks, that's about safety two. an hour from now fremont street will shut down for a few hours
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reporting live from fremont street, news 3. >> the clouds -- crowds are gathering in times square to bid farewell to 20w year. >> this year there is an increased law enforcement presence and sarah dollars is in the mi story. sarah: out with the old and in with the new year. >> it will be a whole new year for us. it's going to be exciting, i think. reporter: ringing in 2016 in times square takes more than a litt work. and a facelift to the waterford crystal ball, 288 new crystals were added to the more than 2000 alre place. >> you get to see the ball. reporter: a test confetti and ball lighting gave us a sneak peek of what ipeople were invited to personalize the new year, writing wish for 2015 on papers that will be mixed in for the confetti.
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reporter: with the eyes of the world watching, officials say they have enwe found 6000 officers assigned to times square. for the first time, some of them will be assigned to long guns. chemical and radiation detectors will also be present. >> we are aware that the threat picture has changed because ofisis, change significantly from what it was a year or two years ago. in response to that, that is why we have enlarged our capabilities her city. reporter: measures appreciated by visitors. >> i don't feel that threatened. reporter: law enforcement and revelers, working together for a safe and fun start to 2016. sarah dulles, in times square, nbc news. >> the fun is getting underway, as is the same here in las
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advisory -- news 3 weather authority. >> we are excited to have you be a part of it, chloe. chloe: we have been talking about the weather for quite a while and how cold it's going get later on this evening. it's pretty pleasant, take a look at that beautiful blue skies. in las vegas you're looking at temperatures, still chilly outside in the mid to upper 40's and most of our neighborhoods. outside we are at 42 degrees in diamond. mostly in the upper 40's in the heart of las vegas, 47 degrees downtown. neighborhood just to the east of a pretty light breeze does continue this afternoon. satellite, which is good news if you're going to abor this new year's. here's a look at your forecast
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by 6:00, dropping down to the mid-30's. year. great chilly weather expected. if you plan on spending the majority of your time outside, especially when you're closer to this hour outdoors, i would definitely want to bundle up. i' to five layers right now. >> if you layers, and i have a big bag right outside, ready to put it on before i head to the strip. news 3 and the cw strip will be bringing you out to the very best vantage points for the fireworks so you can stay warmit is our celebrate las vegas 2015 coverage. it gets underway at 10:00 p.m.. we will be live through the end of our city spectacular fireworks show. caesars, planet hollywood, brooklyn bowl, cosmopolitan, street experience. it will be so much fun. >> so many different ways to see all these fireworks are you get to be part of the not just here on air, but online as well.
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use #news 3 nye 16 when you tweet photos or upload them to instagram. we wile air from 10:00 p.m. through the new year. #news 3 nye 16. >> if you are going out tonight to celebrate 2016, all bus rides between 6:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning are free of charge on several fixed routes, including many going to either the strip or downtown. you also likely heard of the tipsy tow program offered by triple-a for new year's eve. it usually only applies to vehicles like cars. tonight, motorcycle riders can take advantage of a similar program. hog calling motorcycling program is offering motorcyclists a free ride home for them and their 6:00 p.m. tonight until 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. just call the number on your screen, and somebody will tayou and your fancy bike home so you can have a great new year.
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information, we will put it on our website, don't take any chances. >> the so-called affluenza te en's mom is back in the u.s.. >> why her son may stay in mexico for a little while longer. >> i'm alex trebek. if you're age 50 to 85, i have an important message
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>> that is the mother of so-called affluenza teen. couch was sent home because immigration authorities [indiscernible] we are talking about -- he's in mexico, ethan couch will remain there after a judge's temporary injunction that has delayed his deportation to the united stat a small plane crashes near a missouri at high school. witnesses say they saw the plane flying low and heard engine trouble. the couple was able to call 911 after that crash. firefighters had to cut off the
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police are describing the woman president's raise as minor. however, her husband suffered more serious injuries. for the whole week our thoughts have been with the people in the midwest, dealing with historic floodiwe understand it is not showing any signs of letting up. >> coming up, the efforts to
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situat >> taking a high dose of vitamin d3 is not only safe for people with ms but may even reduce symptoms of the condition. a new johns hopkins university study included 40 of those suffering with ms who were given 800 or 10,000 international unit's of vitamin d3 per day for six months. blood tests showed people taking the high dose had a decrease in an effectivity. t cells. more than 5 million americans suffer from -- from heart failure, where the heart cannot
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deaths from heart failure have risen over the past three years. the increase comes after a decade-long decline in the heartfailure death rate. that also shows the underlying cause of heart failure deaths were less likely to be coronary heart disease and more likely to be cancer, diabetes, or kidney disease. >> missouri governor jay nixon has activated the national ge of flooding. the mississippi river which divides missouri and illinois has been close to vessel traffic in an effort to avoid additionalpressure on levee systems. residents in missouri ordered to evacuate as the v over top. the national weather service says about 400 r illinois are over flood stage. our local red cross volunteers from nevada are spending their new year's holiday in north texas, helping trecover from the recent devastation there. one volunteer is from reno, the other from las vegas.
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at least nine turn nato's tour through north texas earlier this month, causing extensive image, injuries, and 11 deaths. reed: we have three hundred thousand people getting ready to takewe welcome you if you are watching from your hotel room or maybe the local pub. we will tell you what you can expect for your new year's ever forecast. >> 300 30,000 jackets on the las vegas strip as we speak. here is chloe beare. chloe: we kies across the board charleston and aos going to be ves. at career and er neighborhoods are in the 40's at this hour, mid to upper
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we will see very cool weather conditions overnight tonight as a light breeze just out of the north continues for most of our neighborhood this afternoon, and temperatures just out the valley, upper 40's for over 10 and pahrump, mid 40's for boulder we continue to take a look at the satellite, one good thing about our forecast is we don't have any major storms headed our way. we will still see the very dry weather conditions. you will be able to get a picture-perfect view of the fireworks tonight and as we take a look at conditions this evening, if you like the cold night, you will probably enjoy this evening. i don't know of many people who enjoy 31 degrees, but that is projecting. my suggestion is certainly bundle up if you're going to be out and about for new year's. regionally it will be very cold. we're looking at single digits for caliente, 21 for indian springs, 10 degrees.
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upper 30's for lake mead. high temperatures tomorrow will be similar to what we saw for today, 50 for overton and mesquite. 30's for mt. charleston. we are only going to make it to a whopping 48 degrees. a light breeze again just out of the northeast, up to 10 miles per hour. a closer look at your new year's eve forecast, it will be a chilly 110 -- chilly one. clear skies, cold weather. upper 30's by 9:30. as we take a look at the next seven days, it is clear and, for now. we have unsettled weather headed our way. more clouds by the weekend, warming up just slightly. unsettled weather after a series of storms set to impact our area. over the next week or so, we are certainly going to be kept on
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the best chances of seeing the rain showers on wednesday. tuesday and wednesday, get ready for that. you will go from a one jacket tonight to raincoat later. reed: i know where you're going to be live. we will leave the surprise for the viewers. the best food. make sure you eat some of their really good fries. two galaxies on a collision
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reed: let's get straight to john treanor. we are hearing about police involved shooting. what do you know? john: we don't know much right now, the investigation just began. it happened less than an hour ago here. as you can see, this investigation is expanding rapidly. metro pot here. understandably the carson investigators are out here, the mobile command unit as well. this is an officer involved shooting with one dead. no officers have been injured. we are in a residential community. we do not know the details on what led police out here are what the confrontatit was. we will get those details as they happen. officers are out here right now getting debriefed. we're expecting to hear from them within an hour or s this crime scene is expanding rapidly as they try to put the pieces behind what exactly happenjohn treanor, news 3.
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let's talk about a new galaxy forming an uninvited guests gets escorted back out to the cold. the canadian winter wonderland opens up. reed: stacy: will make it makes sense. reporter: take a look at the new galaxy recently captured by the hubble space t mere 230 million light years away, the new galaxies forming out of what used to be two separate ones. nasa says although it looks chaotic now, a new galaxy will eventually settle down into a stable shape. though probably not in time for any 2016 vacation plans. she was not invited for new year's, but a hilly idaho homeowner got an early wake-up call when a cow elk fell into a window wel window, and ended up in the basement. it took police and fish and game officials more than two hours to
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and if, like that elk, you just want to get in out of the cold, edmonton, canada is probably not the placr you. after two months of carving and sculpting, the city just opened its first ice castle, a narnia like structure with tunnels, slides, and caves to explore. take a look at this. i'm stacy cohan. reed: coming up, celebrating a big milestone. marie: what the company did for the rider and the driver of the
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don't wait, call today. marie: the u.s. arresting the largest number of terror suspects in a single year since9/11. i look at the surge in arrests in the u.s. reed: a look back, a white house photographer shares never before seen photos of president barack obama. which photo he says is his absolute favorite. >> i have no idea what they're going through. i have no idea what got them to where they are. marie: a man steps in to give a homeless couple a wedding gift they will never forget. news 3 live at 3:30 starts right now. >> live from las vegas, this is news 3.
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with us.
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